I am sure I saw her two years ago.


The country that I hope to move to and settle down in is Turkey.

I have no idea what that could be.

A good word may split open a rock, but a bad word - a head.

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I had been at a loss as to what career to decide on, but your advice has helped me to see the light regarding my future.


I don't know why the English pronoun "I" always appears with a capital letter.

Just don't worry about it, OK?

How are you tonight, Tuna?


Just looking at a picture of food makes me feel nauseous.

Two senior officials are suspected of accepting bribes from real estate companies.

The meeting ended.

I make a horrible first impression.

The crowd grew rapidly.

I never learned how to write.

What really happened to him?

She accompanied her mother as she bought.

You're welcome to write to me.

Is everything OK at home?

No one could get the better of him in an argument.

I'm not giving you any money.

Can you gift-wrap this, please?


That's all in the past.

It's not the end of the story yet.

We didn't do anything productive during these vacations.

I hurt my back a little.

Tokyo is by far the largest city in Japan.

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Nobody wanted to praise my country.

As for santa, how many are there?

Humans can't perform miracles.

In summer meat easily goes bad; you must keep it in the refrigerator.

They say I'm retarded.

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I've made a correction to the wrong sentence.

You should go on a diet.

Dorothy brought along his younger sister.

He's sitting on the fence.

There are subtle differences between the two things.


Our restaurant is better than that restaurant.


He made his mark as a writer with his very first novel.


Garfield won 214 electoral votes.

Whatever you write, it will be translated. People translate just about anything without even reflecting on what it is they're translating, or if it makes sense at all.

I'll go get the proper forms.

Because the ice became soft, we had to call off the ice-skating party.

The result of the experiment was inconclusive.


I didn't tell her.


How did we let things get to this point?


The pilot worries that takeoff, which is scheduled to occur in an hour, will be delayed due to fog.

How many times do you think you've eaten here?

I suggest you do your job and let me do mine.

Imagine yourself as a billionaire.

This candlestick is very heavy.

I ran as fast as I could to catch up with her.

I believe that I had ordered a blanket.


He drew a bead on a stag at bay.

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She called him on the phone.


Now, exactly how much do you want?

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I like this book the least.

Kent scored three goals.

Marilyn has never exhibited any violent tendencies.


Sofia is often late for school on Mondays.

I'm having difficulty figuring this out.

He kept walking all the day.

How did you survive?

I was hoping you'd be able to babysit for us next Monday evening.

Doyle and Sofia both covered their eyes.

You never really talked about Marguerite that much.


Everyone's out.

Was Nancy in class?

Cathrin couldn't make out their faces.


That hurts.

The shops are closed.

He pulled up the weed and threw it away.

My brother fell off a tree and broke his leg.

What is the total amount?

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I think we need more coffee.

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I continued singing.

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His life was in danger.

He is a very fast swimmer.

I'll eat the apple.

You're buying those, right?

Are, then, these people to believe you are doing this for them?

This is a very exclusive club.

I don't see why we had to help.

I'm sure we can trust him.

I'm sure Roxana will wish he hadn't said that.

Why don't we introduce ourselves to our neighbors?

Terrence spends every weekend at his uncle's.

Bradford is clever and ambitious.

This isn't Little Black is it?

She divided the cake into six pieces.

This is rather strange.


We're broke.


Hey, can I talk to you two outside for a moment?

Did you go out last night?

The forest is in a better state of preservation.

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The chances of dying from falling airplane parts are 30 times greater than the chances of being killed by a shark.

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Does Josh have any idea where Varda might've gone?

Amy can't be too far behind us.

Are we done here?

Learn these words, one by one.

She's not a good person.

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Italy is the country where the business of selling snatched pictures of the famous began and gave the world the word "paparazzo".

Listen to me, OK?

Is there a hospital near here?

She set the bird free from the cage.

This road will take you down to the edge of Lake Biwa.

Suyog didn't tell anyone.

A white van pulled up outside the house.

Do you believe in miracles? You don't? But they believe in you.

They operated an oil well.

I have never read that book.

They were buying time.


Franklin only buys sweatshop-free clothing.

You hear me.

Are we nearly finished?

We have to stick together.

It's below her to say such a thing.

Tell them I have a broken leg.

You will be killed!

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We congratulated him on his graduation.

Speaking of films, why not go to the cinema tonight?

Every member of the cabinet was present.

I can't just leave them there.

How much should you exercise?

He's built all his hopes on this book being published.

The statue of Hachiko, the faithful dog, stands in front of Shibuya Station.

Can I get you a pillow?

Let no one lightly discuss the subject of rites.


I'm doing it for them.

He asked her where she lived.

Garfield won 214 electoral votes.

Matti and Joel usually speak French together.

I put my desk by the window.

They were truly happy.

Just do everything Tiefenthal tells you to do.

The policemen arrested the burglar.

I did it anyway.

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Ken was in Japan last year.


Mr White has gone to India.


Questioning received wisdom is the driving force behind progress.

Bring your friends.

Majority of his clientele are poor people.


There was a sharp rise in prices last year.


He took me by the hand.

You're almost as tall as Irwin.

I don't dig modern jazz.

Vistlik doesn't look too worried.

Sorrel was only trying to protect you.


He is at the head of runners.

I think you've just made a big mistake.

We learn to die with a constant rigor throughout a lifetime.

Too much of a good thing is wonderful!

Don't talk about him.


I could sense that Loukas was upset.


The murder scene was still a hive of police activity several days after the man's body had been discovered.

A full moon is shining bright in the sky.

The guys are cool.

Silly me! I've taken someone else's umbrella by mistake.

You're not as important as you think.

She left the room with her brother.

She had two beautiful girls at one birth.